Motherhood can be an isolating experience especially if you feel like you’re doing it alone. There is no-one better who will understand what you are feeling more than a fellow mum.  It doesn’t matter what stage of parenting you are at, what your schedule looks like or how many kids you have.  It’s not always easy to meet friends who understand that sometimes arranging a date in the diary for a quick cup of coffee might not always be possible!

Whether you are a veteran, or a first time mum, sometimes it may be hard to meet other mums for companionship, support and advice.  You may not have family close by, friends with children, or be too shy to interact with other mums who may have already formed a clique!

Making new friends is hard enough, even before you threw kids into the mix and learning to make mum friends is like re-entering the dating game all over again. Just like the trial and tribulations of dating, it’s extremely unlikely that new mum friends will just pop up and ask you to go on a playdate or have dinner with them. Which is why we have created Mums Meet Mums.

Why sign up with Mums Meet Mums?

If you sign up with Mums Meet Mums, we not only save you the time and effort by using our customised algorithm to match you up with other like-minded mums, but help you connect with other mothers in your area without the awkwardness and stress of chatting them up in the playground or at baby classes.

Our website is quite similar to a dating site in that we will match you with other members who have similar interests, personalities and schedules.  In addition, you will be able to view the activities that the children love doing in order to match them up with their peers.

As well as having your own profile page, you will have access to an array of features, be able to join and create groups in your specific area, create events, chat in our forum, ask for tips and advice or even just to have a rant. Sometimes communicating online is easier and helps build up an easy rapport before you meet.

Remember, the more mums that sign up, the bigger our community will become thus creating more potential matches. Motherhood is an easier experience when you have a good tribe of friends, start “Mum Dating” to find your sisterhood.

We would be grateful if you would help us spread the word about Mums Meet Mums.  As they say, “Sharing is Caring” ?

How does it work?

We use a match system which is based on percentage, using the information that you provide when you create your profile.  Some of the criteria our algorithm uses are, your age, social preferences, area, children’s gender etc.   This will then produce a percentage to match you with another user who is compatible to you.

Once you have created your profile and bought your membership. You will be able to view your “Mum Date” matches.  You can click the navigation bar at the top of your page by clicking right for the higher percentage matches and left for the lower.  Here you will see a selection of mums, be able to view their profiles, send messages, request them as a friend, join and create groups. Each time a member sends you a friend request or a message, we will send you an email notification. (please check your junk mail!)

We created Mums Meet Mums because we understand the loneliness and isolation that motherhood may sometimes bring.


It is still worth clicking left as well, to view all of your matches. Even though you may have a lower percentage with another member.  It’s worth a try  still checking out their profile! Opposites attract and all that.

Our website has just been born, so bear with us, as we continue to grow, make it exciting and tailor it to your needs. Membership is FREE. You will be sent a “Mums Meet Mums Jelly Band”  This MUST be worn at all meets to identify other mums.

We hope you come and join our online exclusive community of mums, to form new friendships not only for yourself but for your children, arrange play dates, have access to an array of interesting articles and blogs, share and obtain tips and advice using our 24/7 live chat forum…..And last, but not least enjoy some cheeky mummy nights out!

How Can I Contribute To The Site?

Mums Meet Mums is a compassionate and supportive community of mums and we appreciate all contributions from our members, however big or small.

This website was designed for you and we’d like to cater to your needs and get you involve you as much as possible!

There are several ways for you to contribute to the site. You can:

  • Contribute a blog post: Whether you’re a blogger or if you just feel you have something to say, please submit your post to us. The form to do this will be located in the footer section, under More info and then “submit your blog”.
  • If you have any tasty recipes that you’d like to share with us in Recipe Central, please submit your recipe via the button “Mama & Papa’s own – tried and tested recipes”. We’d love to feature your tasty meals. ?
  • Send us feedback: If you have any suggestions or comments on how we could improve our website or another way you would like to contribute, please email us at hello@mumsmeetmums.com.

Pssssst……..Please only join if you are interested in meeting up so we can guarantee some friendships!

N.B you will not have full access to the site until you upload a recent profile picture, edit your profile with some information about yourself and finalise your FREE membership.  This is done to safeguard yourself and our other other members. 


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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