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It was a peaceful, sunny, Sunday morning and the kids and I were shamelessly gardening in our PJ’s when suddenly I heard a scream from my son. Not one of those ‘my sister is playing with my stuff’ screams, but one of those screams that makes you drop everything and sprint to your baby as fast as your legs will take you!

But I honestly couldn’t for the life on me see what was wrong. He was stood in front of the TV screaming, and then I saw it. A cute fuzzy little bumble bee, on the floor in front of him. It had somehow managed to fly up his trouser leg and stung him twice on his groin, millimetres away from his private parts. The poor boy had thought the bee had bitten him but luckily he’d managed to grab it and take it out of his PJ bottoms.

The thing with bee and wasps stings is that they really can take us by surprise, be it in the garden, at the park, or being somewhere in an open space on a day out and its not always obvious that our little ones have been stung. Also, we don’t know if they are allergic to stings until it actually happens.

If you find yourself in this situation and you manage to find the area your child has been stung please follow these steps to help your little one:

  1. Use the edge of a credit card to scrape away the sting. DO NOT use tweezers
  2. Apply an ice pack to the area and elevate for 10mins
  3. If you notice signs of anaphylaxis dial 999 immediately (These may include swelling around the face and tongue, wheezing, difficulty breathing, dizziness, hives, itchiness, and more)
  4. Attend A&E if the sting is on the face or around the mouth or if the pain or swelling persists

I should also say that the Daisy First Aid kit, of which I have many in my house!!. Also has several sting relief wipes but I completely forgot about these so missed the opportunity to try them out!

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