Emotions and Feelings reflective exercise

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Emotions and Feelings reflective exercise

When we have emotional intelligence, our feelings and emotions give us information about the world. It tells us if we are in danger, if we feel safe, lets us feel close to people, lets us know what we like and dislike and so on.

Time to reflect… take a moment to consider the following emotions, the feelings in your body and what those feelings told you about yourself in the moment.

Think of a time you felt love….

  • How did you know you felt love?
  • What sensations did you feel in your body? Warmth? Butterflies in the tummy?
  • How did that feeling inform the way you were?
  • Were you kind to the person you love, did you do something nice for that person?
  • Were you moved to reach out and touch them, hug them, or show affection?
  • Love helps us to connect.

Think of a time you felt angry

  • How did you know you were angry?
  • What were the sensations in the body? Blood boiling, heat, tensing?
  • How did that feeling inform your response?
  • Did you respond by protecting yourself, getting ready to ‘fight’ (shout) or ‘flight’ (walk off angrily)?
  • Did you choose to not put yourself in that situation again?
  • Did you take steps to set a boundary for yourself; to let someone know that you would not accept that type of response?
  • Anger tells us what we will and won’t accept.

Remember a time you felt excited….

  • How do you know you were excited? Did you have bubbles in the belly, more energy than normal, a sensation of anticipation?
  • What did that feeling tell you about yourself? Were you looking forward to seeing someone, or to do something?
  • Did the feeling give you energy to do that thing you love?
  • Did you make plans to do that thing again?
  • Excitement can motivate us to do the things we enjoy.

And what about a time you felt sad

  • What did you feel in your body that let you know you felt sad?
  • How did that inform your decisions? Did the emotion let you know you cared about something or someone and encourage you to reach out?
  • Did the feeling show you something that felt like a loss, even a small one?
  • Were you able to feel compassion towards yourself, and seek comfort in a difficult time?
  • Sadness can allow us to process loss

Recognising our feelings and understanding our emotions can help us take the first step towards emotional intelligence.

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