Perfect Parent to Perfect Children

Rachael B

Sooooo, lets stop right here. If you are reading this thinking that I am about to give you the answer to life’s all important question, how can I be the perfect parent? or how can I make my children perfect? then you are both very right and very wrong. I am going to give you the answers, but no necessarily the ones that you want to hear.

Basic Answer – There are no perfect people! Never have been, never will be.

If somebody tells you that their little prince or princess is perfect then quite frankly you are looking at a liar. Every single solitary child will play up, they will have a moment where you would quite happily drop kick them from a moving vehicle or tape their mouths closed using the strongest gaffer tape you can find. Perfect is boring and no one should ever aspire to be perfect.

When you think of the people that you love most or that leave the greatest impression on you, its not their perfection that leaves an imprint, its their quirks. It’s the laugh that’s a little too loud but actually makes you giggle along side, or their love of dancing that little bit too wildly. Could be the way that one eye crinkles a little more to the left when they smile but it will never be that they sit quietly in a corner in a pristine outfit and know there P’s and Q’s with the elegance of the queen.

We as a nation all worry far too much about appearance. About how our peers view us, we are all guilty of it. I myself admit watching the little princesses and wishing just a tiny bit that my little doll would play nicely with the other girls, get involved in the make up talk and beg me to take her shopping for the latest fashion but then I take the time to actually stop and watch her, watch her belly laughing as she chases the boys around the playground, long golden hair flying behind her and not a care in the world and it makes me realise that deep down I don’t care. I don’t care she’s not atypical, I care that she’s happy and she is.

We blend and mould our little people to try and conform with us, we blend and mould ourselves to conform with our friends or our family, sometimes you just have to let it go, let them be them and rather than look at what they don’t or cant do, look at the beauty of the things that they do. They may not be perfect but neither are we, the one thing that you can do though, is be perfect for each other.

So, how to be perfect, in the words of the ever enlightened Elsa from frozen, LET IT GO. Let it all go, its hard and you wont always get it right but if you just let it go, the bad day, the muddy footprints on your newly cleaned rug, the handprints all over your walls, I can pretty much promise you life will get a little bit easier.

Don’t worry about how your friends parent their children, they are not you and what they do wouldn’t work for you. Your children love you, they look up to you and they really really don’t care that you haven’t hovered that day or that you’ve put a double crease in their trousers. They will have forgotten within no time at all that you yelled at them, maybe for nothing because they believe in you and as long as you show them that they are your world too, to them you are perfect.

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