Safety Guidelines

To use our website, you will need to confirm that you have read and will adhere to the Safety Guidelines that we have implemented.

Even though the vast majority of our members will join for honest and sincere reasons, be aware that it is sometimes possible for some individuals to misrepresent themselves. It is your responsibility to gage a fellow member’s intentions and authenticity.

We would advise that you take certain precautions when you engage or meet with anyone from an online or offline environment. Use your instincts and judgment to safeguard yourself, as you would do when meeting a stranger in any circumstance.

If you are any doubt with regards to meeting up with other members, please err on the side of caution, build a rapport with the other member(s) before agreeing to meet them.

See below for some of our tips on safely navigating a meeting with other members from this site. Please note, these are given as a guideline and should not be solely relied on:


  • Wear your Jellyband on all meets
  • Upload a clear, recent picture of yourself
  • Be transparent about yourself
  • Be friendly and kind to others
  • Send messages and chat with other mums you are interested in connecting with using the groups, forums and messaging facility provided
  • Maintain dialogue on the website until you have built a strong rapport with another members
  • Respect other member’s opinions and decisions
  • Report any issues or concerns via email immediately


  • Don’t communicate with members who claim they are from this site and aren’t wearing a jellyband
  • Don’t use false, outdated or modified photos
  • Don’t fabricate a profile
  • Don’t be rude, lewd or offensive
  • Don’t ‘spam’ several people with the same message
  • Don’t exchange contact details until you are comfortable and have met the person
  • Don’t provoke or harass people
  • Don’t stand for abuse

Personal Information

Under no circumstance should you divulge your personal information, such as your phone number, email address, child’s school, work address, home address etc. If a member requests these personal details from you straight away, politely decline.

Once you have built up a genuine connection with a fellow member, then it is your choice when you decide to share these details.


Whilst communicating with other members, do so using our secure, private messaging system this can be done via your profile or through chatting on the groups and forums. Here you will be able to judge whether you are engaging with other mums looking for genuine friendships.

Attending your first Mum Date

Once you feel you have established a connection with another member(s) and decide to meet up. We advise you:

That it is a mandatory requirement to wear your Mums Meet Mums Jellyband;

Always arrange a meet in a public place. i.e park, community centre, shopping centre, café etc. Do not go to a member’s home or give them your address;

Meet with 2 or more members;

Arrive 5-10 minutes beforehand;

Inform a friend that you know and trust that you are going on a mum date. Provide them details of where you are going;

Remember to ensure that your phone is sufficiently charged.

Meet up Locations

Whether you are joining a meet up or arranging one, ensure this takes place in a public place, such as a park, community centre, shopping centre, café etc.

Log in details

Please do not let other individuals impersonate you or use your account to meet members. If we become aware that you have given out your password and login details to friends or family your account will be immediately deleted.

Jelly Band

Your Jellyband is for your personal use only. This is worn for safeguarding purposes, for you to identify other members and visa versa. If it comes to our attention that you have given another individual your Jellyband to meet people or gain discounts then your account will immediately be deleted.

You can a Run Google image search

Are you aware that you can search images in Google? If you are unsure or have any doubts about the member(s) you are communicating with, you can save the individuals photo to your computer. Once this is done, go to Google image search, click the camera icon, which is located in the search bar and then upload the image. Google will then inform you if that image exists elsewhere on the internet and will help you conclude whether it’s been stolen from another website or person.

Site Monitoring

We routinely monitor the website and will remove any potential spammers or scammers within 24 hours.

We implement a zero tolerance to any inappropriate or unwarranted behaviour towards our members. If we find this to be the case, depending on the severity, we will report this to the necessary authorities. Please note, Mums Meet Mums does not conduct any criminal background/background checks at the time our members register for an account.

If you feel uncomfortable or threatened when communicating with another user, please email as immediately at to let us know and we will investigate straight away.

In addition, if you feel your account is compromised contact us straight away by emailing


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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